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Everyone likes to be free, and for free divers, the feeling of freedom is essential. Freediving is like actually becoming a part of the underwater world. You get so close to nature, you don´t feel like a visitor anymore -- you feel like a part of something huge.

That´s all very well, but don´t forget that you have to return to the real world after a while. To be able to do that and to brag to all your friends about the magnificence you have been part of, you had better make sure that all your equipment is performing flawlessly, and that you bring everything you need into the depths of the ocean. As a freediver, you don´t use the breathing equipment that scuba divers do, but you may want to bring some other stuff on you downward journey. Thin slim wetsuits, spearguns designed specifically for fast fishing, or weights to help you stay down a little longer, to name a few examples. Perhaps an underwater camera from the DiveStock underwater photography section might be worth bringing? DiveStock also offers air injectors, special oil and other accessories associated with speargun fishing. Challenge the laws of nature and let DiveStock help you on the way!

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