Mares Open Water Package

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  • Mares X-Vision Ultra LiquidSkin Mask
  • Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel
  • Mares Avanti Quattro + Fins
  • Black/Red - Black Skirt
  • Black/White - Black Skirt
  • Black/Grey - Black Skirt
  • Black/Yellow - Black Skirt
  • White/Yellow - Ultra Clear Skirt
  • White/Blue - Ultra Clear Skirt
  • White/Blue - White Skirt
  • White/Pink - White Skirt
  • Black/Grey - Black Skirt - Silver Mirrored Lenses
  • Black/Grey - Black Skirt - Gold Mirrored Lenses
  • Black/White
  • Black/Red
  • Black/Yellow
  • Black/Lime
  • Clear/Yellow
  • Clear/Blue
  • Clear/Pink
  • Clear/White
  • Black
  • Clear
  • Lime
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow


Mares Open Water Package

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Mares Open Water Package
-Mares X-Vision Ultra LiquidSkin Mask
-Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel
-Mares Avanti Quattro + Fin

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Price as configured: £159.57

Mares Open Water Package

Mares X-Vision Ultra LiquidSkin Mask

A revolutionary new design delivers an even more attractive and
high-performance X-vision scuba mask . The combination of two
different types of silicone and small horizontal ribs on the skirt
ensure unmatched comfort. Those marks on your face after a dive
will be nothing but a distant memory. An innovative look in the
X-vision scuba mask style with a unique and vibrant mix of new colors.


Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel

Exclusive engineering of the dry top (patented) and an ergonomically correct mouthpiece make this the ideal snorkel for scuba or for prolonged snorkeling sessions. The combination of the 100% dry top and an exhaust valve in the mouthpiece ensures a completely dry
breathing environment.


Mares Avanti Quattro + Fin

The new Avanti Quattro + fin exceeds the established performance
of the traditional model thanks to the use of new materials that
optimize efficiency. Greater responsiveness and thrusting power
with an even more attractive look. New Bungee Strap is provided
standard. Proven Channel Thrust technology makes the fin versatile
and ideal in all diving conditions. The stabilizers improve stability,
eliminating ankle twisting phenomena. The anatomical foot pocket
conveys more power to the blade.

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you exactly the right package for your needs.


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