When engaging yourself in diving there are some essentials that may well make the experience all the more fun and inspiring. The expensive scuba equipment you have desired for so long, and in which you have now invested, will need proper protection in order to stay functional for a long time. We offer specially designed cases for dive computers and mask straps which will help them to look and work like new much longer than would otherwise be the case. We also offer items such as anti- bacterial mouthpieces, neoprene wetsuit glue and magnifying solution for quick use on your diving mask.

Whatever essentials you feel like you need you should always check what's on offer at DiveStock! If you have no idea what you´re looking for, you´re still welcome to check in at our website. Diving is our life and what we don´t know about it, is probably not worth knowing anyway! Join our theme of dedicated diving geeks and become one yourself!

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