A regulator transforms gas pressure and works in two steps, basically. Simply described, the regulator adjusts the pressure according to the depth where you are and then changes accordingly as you descend or ascend in the water.

DiveStock wants you to have quality gear to get the most out of your dive and therefore we offer you the ultimate regulators and regulator accessories. In our Scuba regulators section we proudly present manufacturers such as Scubapro, Beuchat, Atomic, Mares, Aqua Lung, Cressi and Apeks, whose reputation in diving contexts really says it all. Check out the lime coloured XTX 50 Nitrox Regulator from Apeks, which was one of the first regulators living up to the new European safety standards, or the Beuchat VR 200 Nitrox Oxy M26x2, specifically suitable for use in temperate water. We have plenty of products to choose from and regardless of whether you like to upgrade your first step or second step regulator, or if you are looking for a complete regulator set, we are happy to help you. A more basic regulator or one with more advanced functions: what´s your pick?

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