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Wetsuits & Accessories

Wetsuits & Accessories

Most experienced divers would say that their wet suit, dry suit or a rashguard is an important part of their diving equipment. However strange it may feel to cover your body in clothes before getting into the water, it will have a definite function once you´re there.

What you choose to wear during your dive is up to you and may depend on your own preferences, as well as on the temperature and other conditions in the water. It may be chillier than expected when the sunlight no longer reaches the top of your head. There may be things down there that are beautiful to view but very dangerous to approach at close proximity. With a complete suit from DiveStock you can protect yourself not only against threatening creatures lurking in the depths, but also from freezing cold water or excessive sunlight exposure. In connection with our suits and rashguards we offer accessories like soft and resistant socks, soled underwater boots compatible with our open heel fins, gloves and head-covering hoods with various degrees of thinness. Be safe - dive with DiveStock equipment!

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