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  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 with LED Transmitter
  • Scubapro G2 Including Transmitter & Heart Rate Belt
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer
  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer


Scubapro G2 Dive Computer

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Quick Overview

The G2. Simply smarter and easily more vibrant; you'll never do another dive without it.

In 2007, SCUBAPRO’s ground-breaking design of its Galileo dive computers changed the diving world forever. The Galileo won awards for its design – and the hearts and minds of its legions of fans through incredibly easy menus, intuitive usability and technology that made diving easier and more fun. Loaded with computing, navigation and personalisation features unavailable anywhere else, you simply couldn’t get a full-featured wrist-mount dive computer better than a Galileo…Until now.

Meet the G2 (Galileo 2) – the sexier, sportier and more vibrant big brother to the Galileo SOL and LUNA.

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The next generation Galileo has arrived.  Introducing the Scubapro G2 (Galileo 2) - The new standard in dive computing.

The G2 is a technologically-advanced instrument that can accompany you during your underwater adventures while providing you with accurate depth, time and decompression information.

Easy to read. Easy to use. Easy to love.

Spend less time reading manuals, and more time enjoying the experience.


Easily Incredible - Incredibly Easy 

  • Everything you’d expect from SCUBAPRO –in colour. 
  • A new standard in dive computing. 
  • The combination of everything you love, with everything you’ve dreamed about.





Brilliantly Scubapro

Every colour computer is not the same.

The G2 leverages colour as a tool to deliver the best readability and usability available:

  • Colourindicators quickly draw your attention to what you need to know.
  • High contrast settings –black or white backgrounds
  • User configurable screen layouts
  • Four different colour settings

…make the G2 stand out from the crowd… at any depth.



The Most Unique Thing About The G2 Is You

ONLY SCUBAPRO computers utilise:

  • Heart rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Breathing rate
  • Water temp

…when calculating diving profiles.

Dive Smarter. Better.

These patented features put the G2 into a
league of its own.



Make It Your Own

The Most Unique Thing About The G2 is You

Easily the most diverse and customisable computer offered.

  • Screen orientation
  • Mounts (retractor & bungee)
  • Dive templates
  • Personalised colour choices

…to make it your own.

Even your dive profile is one of a kind –based upon your biometrics.


Whether you like to put it on and go, or closely analyse your
dive data, the G2 easily goes where you do – from open water,
to freediving, to CCR, to sidemount. It’s the perfect computer for
every level of diver – offering the ideal combination of features
and functions to match your individual style of diving. With the
best digital compass in the industry, you’ll always know where
you are going.



1 Computer

1.000 Adventures

The G2 will go wherever your diving takes you.

  • Recreational Diving
  • CCR
  • TriMix
  • Freediving
  • Sidemount




The Perfect Computer For All Divers

Previous Galileo owners love the evolution

  • Advanced divers love its power
  • Beginners love its simplicity

Finally, a computer that will grow with your passion
for diving.



Easy Operation Incredibly Clear

  • A fully loaded dive computer, the G2 is surprisingly easy to use.
  • See as little or as much data as you like.
  • Install additional functions (Freediving, Sidemount, CCR).

Put it on and dive in - engineered so you spend less time
reading manuals, and more time diving.





Easy To Read

The G2 offers 4 different dive screen
templates and 4 colour choices.

  • FULL



Easy To Use

  • With the intuitive 3 button control, operation is a snap
  • Air integrated, allows up to 8 gases plus a pony tank




Easy To Understand

  • The same incredibly intuitive menu structure and diver-friendly functions as the Galileo
  • The industry’s best digital compass –you’ll always know where you are going
  • As little or as much data as you want






Easy To Manage

  • Bluetooth compatible, easily synchs with your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone
  • Stores up to 1000 hours of dive profiles
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours








What's included:


  • G2
  • Moulded Case
  • Transmitter
  • Heart Rate Belt
  • Read First Manual
  • 3M foil screen protector
  • USB cable
  • Retractor clip



The set with SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt and transmitter is delivered in a soft box. The G2 is also available without belt and transmitter as well as only with transmitter.



Intuitive, reliable and robust. SCUBAPRO has combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you’ve dreamed of in the G2. As vibrant and amazing as the world around you, the G2 stands at the pinnacle of full-featured, full-colour dive computing.



  • Download the latest version of Logtrak for the G2
  • Download Logtrak for iPhone and iPad on iTunes
  • Download Logtrak for Android on Google Play
  • Download the G2 vs Galileo Sol comparison chart





Connecting a SCUBAPRO® Galileo 2 (G2) to LogTRAK via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)



Incorporating cutting-edge biometrics through Human Factor Diving, the G2 comes with a slim-line casing design and a stunning full-colour TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) LCD display screen. The sleek fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic casing offers high-impact strength and good UV resistance. The high-resolution TFT screen produces vibrant colours and crisp digits that radically increase readability.

• Same intuitive menu structure, simple 3-button control system, and diver-friendly functions that make the Galileo so easy to use. Enables a seamless transition from the Galileo to the G2. All accessories are reverse compatible as well.
• Full-Colour TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) 2.2in/5.6cm LCD display screen (320x240p). Produces vibrant colours for maximum readability quickly directing your attention to what you need to know.
• TFT screens use less energy. More efficient than other screen types to help extend battery life.
• See as much or as little as you like. Choice of screen display configurations. Customise your data presentation with Light, Classic, Full or Graphical screen options to suit your individual diving style.
• Customise menu listings. Use as much or as little of the G2 technology as you need – your choice.
• Multiple Language Choices. Select from more than 19 languages for receiving dive data.
• Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL-16 ADT MB algorithm. Advanced Uwatec algorithm programs up to 8 nitrox/trimix mixes to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario.
• Integrated heart rate monitor. Measures heartbeat and skin temperature and incorporates both into the workload calculations. Integration with the HRM and skin temperature is exclusive to SCUBAPRO.
• Heart rate monitor also lets you visually track your heart rate “real time” to ensure you stay in your individual target zone to maximise your fun and safety at depth.
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• Hoseless air integration. Monitors tank pressure plus provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) and allows air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation. Provides support for up to 11 transmitters when all features are activated.
• Improved, Full tilt digital compass. The best available. Includes half-compass rose and bearing memory.
• Rechargeable battery. Provides up to 50 hours of dive time per charge.
• Huge 485MB memory. Stores pictures, tables, tissue loading status, and 1,000 hours of dive profiles.
• USB cable or Bluetooth Low Energy interface. Easily download dive data wirelessly to your phone or handheld device. Download dive data to a PC/Mac using LogTRAK software.


• Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic slim-line casing. Ultra-durable & UV resistant.
• Curved ergonomic low-profile shape. Sits comfortably on the arm and resists rotating (integrated bungee mounts are provided for tech divers). Can also be used on a retractor.
• Rugged TR 55 transparent thermoplastic lens protects the full colour dot matrix TFT display. Features a backlight to enhance low-light readability.
• Sleek, Swiss design. The best elements of the Galileo in an upscale design.
• Stainless steel control buttons (3). Accessible, intuitive, easy to use, even when wearing gloves.
• Multiple dive modes. Scuba, Freediving, Gauge, CCR and Sidemount for total in-water versatility. (Freediving, Trimix, CCR and Sidemount modes are disabled from the factory. Activation is easy – no downloading or upgrading is required.)
• Special apnea logbook. Stores repetitive dives sequentially under the same apnea session.
• Maximum operating depth. 394ft/120m for reliable data computing regardless of diving situation.






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